3M Direct Bury Splice Kit Connectors (25Pkt) (2 splice/Pkt)



No mixing, no mess. Just slide 3M Performance Plus Connectors, close and bury



Connect and insulate wires for direct burial

  •  Electrically connect and provide moisture seal for wiring up to 600 volts that may be exposed to water.
  • Excellent for water-intensive applications such as golf course, commercial or home irrigation controls, and outdoor lighting.


Wire Range Capabilities

Conductor Combination*
Cross Section
Sol/Str (mm2)
0.75 3-6
1 2-6
1.5 2-4
2.5 2-3 2-5
4 2-3
6 2

Only AWG wire size combinations are UL Listed or CSA Certified.
*Copper conductors only


Features & Advantages

  • Quick and easy to install for reliable moisture-resistant connections.
  • UV resistant polypropylene high impact tube filled with moisture-resistance gel.
  • Wing lock in tube ensure 3M Performance Plus Connector stay in position.
  • Cap on high-impact tube provides good strain relief.
  • Quick-bite 3M Performance Plus Connector accepts wide wire combination range.
  • Suitable for both solid and stranded wire types
  • Max. voltage rating 600V.
  • Operating temperature -40°F to 221°F (-40°C to 105°C).
  • UL Listed Standard 486D
    – sealed wire connector systems.
    For use in damp, wet, direct bury,
    and submersible locations.
  •  IP68 tested as per EN 60527 onDBR/Y-6.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Connector Type

DBO/B-6, DBR/Y-6




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